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Kuźnia Demokracji

Open Letter to the College of Commissioners regarding the situation in Poland

Polish government has continued to enact legislation in complete disregard for the European Commission’s recommendations, and in a way that further entrenches rather than correct the problems identified.

Brussels, 16 February 2017

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What are you doing???

Polish ruling party, “Law and Justice”, has been breaking the law in the Parliament since the day they got power. Last night they felt it was not enough: They used the police against the people.

17 grudnia 2016 · 4 komentarze

Opposition protest brings Polish parliament to a halt

Speaker of the Polish parliament Marek Kuchcinski doesn’t like it when someone shows him the words “free media”.

Reuters, 16-12-2016

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Decline of Polish Democracy. A Letter to President Obama

We are alarmed at the government’s deliberate paralysis of the Constitutional Tribunal, politicization of public news media, and disregard for the Constitution.

– KOD Los Angeles

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