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„Ja, zwykły, szary człowiek, taki jak wy, wzywam was wszystkich – nie czekajcie dłużej. Trzeba zmienić tę władzę jak najszybciej, zanim doszczętnie zniszczy nasz kraj; zanim całkowicie pozbawi nas wolności”. – Piotr Szczęsny, "szary człowiek" (19.10.2017)

Open Letter to the College of Commissioners regarding the situation in Poland

Polish government has continued to enact legislation in complete disregard for the European Commission’s recommendations, and in a way that further entrenches rather than correct the problems identified.

Brussels, 16 February 2017

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Letter from New(er) York

People will no longer be able to sit back in the hopes that their government will do what’s best, but will have to be vigilant and watchful over the issues that are dear to them. I am optimistic this will be a wake up call.

Michael Z., New York, 23.01.2017

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Women Dignity March – 18.06.2016. Warsaw

We are not members of feminist organizations. We work in the film industry, in the corpo-world or are selfemployed. We decided we can use our energy and potential to organize a march. On 18th of June, in Warsaw we will march with the slogan „Women’s rights are human rights”.

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List D.OK do 744 posłów Parlamentu Europejskiego

Poland needs Europe and Europe needs Poland! La Pologne a besoin de l’Europe et l’Europe a besoin de la Pologne ! Polen braucht Europa und Europa braucht Polen!

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Poland’s Tea Party Movement

The last thing I imagined Poles wanted after 1989 was to swap one variety of political intolerance for another.

John Feffer, fpif

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Regime Change in Poland, Carried Out From Within | The Nation

 is natural for parliaments to pass new legislation when new governments take power. But when a new government first eviscerates the Constitutional Court, and then passes a flurry of system-transforming legislation at breakneck speed—and during th…

13 kwietnia 2016

European Parliament To Accuse Poland Of Undermining 'Constitutional Democracy’

The European Parliament tomorrow votes on a resolution accusing the Polish government of undermining “constitutional democracy”, calling for further action if they do not implement decisions from Poland’s highest court.

The resolution is t…

12 kwietnia 2016

Polish members of Venice Commission to be replaced – Radio Poland :: News from Poland

“Their terms in office finish at the end of this month,” Waszczykowski told Polish Radio, referring to current members Hanna Suchocka and Krzysztof Drzewicki.
In an apparent bid to brush off insinuations that replacement members of the commission …

12 kwietnia 2016

New Polish historical policy could silence Holocaust debates – Sun Sentinel

Poland’s governing party is seeking to shape the country’s future by controlling perceptions of the past.

The conservative Law and Justice party’s strategy includes the use of museums, film, public television and other tools to promote certain episo…

22 marca 2016

Hungary, Poland and illiberal democracy – EurActiv.com

The EU’s problem is that others are following the illiberal regimes of Hungary and in Poland, and it is possible that among them be Germany, writes George Friedman.

22 marca 2016

Poland’s constitutional stand-off deepens | Europe | DW.COM | 09.03.2016

Poland’s constitutional crisis is deepening after the Constitutional Tribunal ruled that changes made by the government have neutered the country’s highest court. The government said it will ignore the ruling.

11 marca 2016

Poland’s legal reforms do not comply with constitution, court rules | World news | The Guardian

The move appears to have set the government on a collision course with the European Union, which launched an unprecedented investigation in January into the reforms, which could result in punitive measures.

The chief justice, Andrzej Rzepliński, sa…

10 marca 2016

Poland’s Constitutional Crisis Deepens After Top Court Annuls Law – WSJ

The Constitutional Tribunal annulled new legislation passed by Poland’s right-leaning government that has divided Poland for months, leading to opposition protests and pressure from Poland’s allies to reverse the rules.

Polish Prime Minister Bea…

9 marca 2016

Polish Constitutional Court Strikes Down New Rules on Court – ABC News

While it bolsters the moral position of government critics alarmed at what they see as an attack on democracy, the judgment is nonetheless powerless to resolve the crisis because the conservative government of Prime Minister Beata Szydlo says it won’t …

9 marca 2016

EU Body to Publish a Report Bashing Polish Government – Forbes

In the leaked draft opinion, the Venice Commission said an ongoing constitutional crisis in Poland poses a danger to the rule of law, democracy and human rights. It emphasized that, in a democracy, mutual control and checks and balances on institutions…

7 marca 2016

Polish President’s first visit to Jewish Museum – Europe – News – Arutz Sheva

Polish President Andrzej Duda visited on Thursday the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw for the first time since its 2014 opening.

“The museum is spectacular. Not just the wonderful architecture, but the exhibition of 900 years of s…

7 marca 2016

Poland’s ruling party faces first test of support | Fox News

The vote is being held in the Lomza and Augustow region because its senator vacated his seat when he was recently appointed provincial governor. Among the six candidates is Anna Maria Anders who represents the ruling Law and Justice party.

7 marca 2016

Proposed Polish law would 'shackle’ wind power, says industry | Environment | The Guardian

Coal-reliant country may be trying to slow the rise of renewable energy with a clampdown on turbine construction and maintenance, say analysts

7 marca 2016




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