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DOK – Democracy is OK

Kuźnia Demokracji

„Szwecja rajem gwałcicieli” – chwytliwe, i wbrew faktom

Procedury policyjne i definicje prawne dotyczące przestępstwa gwałtu bardzo różnią się w poszczególnych krajach i regionach, próba porównania takich statystyk w skali międzynarodowej jest bezwartościowa.

BBC, British Broadcasting Corporation

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Open Letter to the College of Commissioners regarding the situation in Poland

Polish government has continued to enact legislation in complete disregard for the European Commission’s recommendations, and in a way that further entrenches rather than correct the problems identified.

Brussels, 16 February 2017

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Letter from New(er) York

People will no longer be able to sit back in the hopes that their government will do what’s best, but will have to be vigilant and watchful over the issues that are dear to them. I am optimistic this will be a wake up call.

Michael Z., New York, 23.01.2017

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Opposition protest brings Polish parliament to a halt

Speaker of the Polish parliament Marek Kuchcinski doesn’t like it when someone shows him the words “free media”.

Reuters, 16-12-2016

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Women Dignity March – 18.06.2016. Warsaw

We are not members of feminist organizations. We work in the film industry, in the corpo-world or are selfemployed. We decided we can use our energy and potential to organize a march. On 18th of June, in Warsaw we will march with the slogan „Women’s rights are human rights”.

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List D.OK do 744 posłów Parlamentu Europejskiego

Poland needs Europe and Europe needs Poland! La Pologne a besoin de l’Europe et l’Europe a besoin de la Pologne ! Polen braucht Europa und Europa braucht Polen!

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Poland’s changes to court system „endanger democracy”

(World News Report, February 29, 2016) Changes to Poland’s supreme court endanger the rule of law, democracy and human rights, according to a draft opinion from Europe’s leading constitutional experts. … Continue reading

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