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„Ja, zwykły, szary człowiek, taki jak wy, wzywam was wszystkich – nie czekajcie dłużej. Trzeba zmienić tę władzę jak najszybciej, zanim doszczętnie zniszczy nasz kraj; zanim całkowicie pozbawi nas wolności”. – Piotr Szczęsny, "szary człowiek" (19.10.2017)

Letter from New(er) York

Fot. Mathias Wasik, Flickr

Hey Krysia,

You ask about my reflections around the inauguration…

My thoughts around the presidential inauguration are mainly filled with concern. I am still quite shocked as to how Trump got elected. However, I have come to understand that his election has less do with him, and more with the current situation in America. Trump is a symptom of a larger issue. After all, we did elect him.
So to start, I am concerned that more attention is not being focused on why so many people voted for him. Is it as simple as lower voter turnout among Democrats in key states? Or is it a deeper issue that the Democratic party has lost sight of the people that they represent? Or yet a deeper issue that our advances as a society are not keeping up with advances in technology, leaving large groups of people behind in frustration?

As for the future, I am gravely concerned about the man that has come to power in America. I am concerned that his stance on the environment aligns with Republicans, and that the environment will suffer. Especially as we enter a critical juncture around global warming. I am concerned for what this will mean for the North Dakota Pipeline. I am concerned that most of Trumps appointees to various departments tend to oppose the principles of those departments. I am concerned for the media due to how Trump seems to think their role is to shower him with praise. Will the media become like in Russia? Or will they hold strong and fight the fight? I am concerned for Eastern Europe. Given Putin’s past incursions in that area how will things play out if America does not strongly oppose such actions?

In the end though, despite my concerns, I am optimistic. With Trump, there is no sugarcoating that the government is really not working for the people. This will become very apparent. People will no longer be able to sit back in the hopes that their government will do what’s best, but will have to be vigilant and watchful over the issues that are dear to them. I am optimistic this will be a wake-up call.

I am optimistic that people will rise up and fight for what they care about. I am optimistic people will demand better politicians, ones that are not governed by corporations and money. I am optimistic that we will finally shine more light on the various government institutions that have lost their way. I know this will require effort, but I think Trump will regularly remind us that this effort is very much needed. He will remind us we can no longer be complacent, but that we need to take action to help steer America back on track, for the people.



Michael Z.

New York, 23.01.2017

Cover photo

Fot. Mathias Wasik, Flickr 

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