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Opposition protest brings Polish parliament to a halt

Polski parlament, 16-12-2016

Polish Parliament, 16-12-2016

A protest by opposition lawmakers against a plan to curb media access to the Polish parliament brought the chamber to a halt and forced the postponement of a key budget vote on Friday.

The demonstration began when a lone opposition MP ascended the parliamentary podium with a placard reading „free media” and was excluded from further debate or votes by speaker Marek Kuchcinski, who is from the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party.

Other opposition members then joined MP Michal Szczerba on the podium, chanting „free media” and „no censorship”, in the first such protest in the chamber for a decade.

Rules proposed by the head office of the Sejm, the lower house, would ban all recording of parliamentary sessions except by five selected television stations and limit the number of journalists allowed in the building. They are due to take effect next year.

More at Reuters, 16-12-2016

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